Artistic background


Artistic approach


Franco-Ivorian born in 1971, Aya N'da practice the art of painting for 5 years, in Guadeloupe where she is living  for nearly 10 years.

 This artist, not entirely self-taught, is also a doctor, but devoted in recent years, time and energy to this passion of painting that lies in her since.

First initiated in 2010 by a restorer of paintings, she joined in 2011 the studio of the guadeloupean painter Lucien Leogane, fine arts professor.

4 group exhibitions :
  • 2015 : "Madinina artistik solidaire" departmental Residence Chanteclerc, Fort-de-France (Martinique)
  • 2013 : « l’abolition de l’esclavage » restaurant Le Sucré-Salé at 
  • Pointe-pitre (Guadeloupe)
  • 2012 : « la fin du monde » restaurant Le Jari Beach Baie-Mahault (Guadeloupe)
  •  2012 : « Kombit au village »  club house d’EDF at Baie- Mahault (Guadeloupe)
1 solo exhibition: 2014 :
  • 2014 : « Formes, Couleurs et ... Rêves » lobby of the TV first channel Guadeloupe "Guadeloupe 1ère"


My painting is primarily abstract. What it I like to paint are the unrealities that populate my imaginary.

The daydreams of shapes and colors that squirm, interpenetrate,  repeated ad infinitum, scramble inside my mind. Sometimes also, single silhouettes or almost breaking away from discreet or explosive background force themselves to my mind.  

Observers recognize a African esthetics with my works. The Ivorian that I am, can not give it up.

To paint real things, is certainly not my intention. But, the patterns, designs and colors of African fabrics inspire me. These first images which I liked to look at and whose my imaginary is impregnated, are regularly present in my painting…

Why the abstract?

 First, because strarting  from nothing to reach  the "beautiful" after having wandered on my canvas without knowing where I was going to  and what I would end up with, keeps me in suspense and makes my heart beat ...

 Then I love this beauty without special meaning,  which thus impedes nor the  imagination nor the dream:



CAREER: Now part time doctor , AyA settles as an artist-painter in an individual business in 2015 with some projects of exhibitions solo and collective in 2015 in 2016 and in 2017.